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Kindergarten and Grade One

2 day Workshop; 8:30-3:30

Foundational Reading Skills and Structured Word Inquiry

  • go beyond phonics

  • learn to use morphology; prefixes, bases, suffixes

  • teach sight words without rote memorization

  • improve fluency without drill+kill

Wed. July 12 and Thurs. July 13

8:30-3:30; 45 min. lunch

Western Springs, Illinois

Grades Two through Five

3-day Workshop

Beyond Foundational Structured Word Inquiry

Interrelatedness of Morphology, Etymology Phonology

  • analyze and synthesize words with affixes and base(es)

  • find relatives based on etymology and morphology

  • use online resources to find etymological root

  • build comprehension, fluency and critical thinking

Mon. July 17 and Tues. July 18

8:30-3:30; 45 min. lunch

Western Springs, Illinois

Grades Six and beyond

Going Deeper with Structured Word Inquiry

Sessions to be determined by district or school readiness 

Please contact us for details.

Understanding SightWords

What You Never Learned

in Teacher Training

How       Zoom live interactive video workshop

Dates     Mon. April 6,  Tues. April 7,  Wed. April 8

Time      1:00-2:30 Central Time (Chicago)

Cost       $50 total for this 3-day workshop

Please contact us to join: Alternatively call  Mary McBride 708-408-2026

This comprehensive workshop will focus on strategies to teach reading and spelling of high frequency words. Rather than relying on rote memorization, learn how to connect a word's meaning, structure and origin to understand its spelling. Classroom teachers, literacy coaches, reading specialists and and resource teachers will greatly benefit from this 3-day workshop.

Targeted Words

Why the Spellings of:

  • does, done and not *dose, dun?

  • they not *thay?

  • their, there, or they're?

  • why a <w>in two? a <g> in <sign>?

  • why the <o> in <people>?

  • because not *becuz?

  • <want> and <what>? <whale>?

  • vary or very? many not *meny?

  • why <l> in <would, should, could>?

  • why an <l> in <talk> and <walk>?

  • and many more!

  • bring your 'sight' or 'red' words

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